Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Weekly Supper Planning

So, I haven't posted a meal plan in a while now. I am just to lazy to post it. I have it here, all written out every week, and sometimes longer in advance. I just need to get it posted! So, here is what I have for the next couple of weeks, ending on a Thursday because we just might have plans on Friday! woohoo! My schedule has changed, so on Monday's and Wednesday's I am trying to make rather easy fast meals, and on Tuesday's and Thursday's I can get a bit more in depth with things and/or longer cooking times, etc. Once soccer starts, who knows what my schedule will be like!! I will have 3 boys in Soccer this fall. Crazy!!

The Menu:

Monday- French's Onion Baked chicken tenders, Mac and cheese (from a box!), and fresh fruit (it is watermelon and cantaloupe season!)

Wednesday- Pierogies (out of a bag sauteed with onions and butter)

Thursday- Grilled or Baked Salmon ( I think I will use the leftover sauce from THIS recipe, that I froze, and use it for a glaze for the fish) , French Fries and Asperagus

Friday- Hot Dogs & Kielbasa on the grill, Baked Beans and Fresh Fruit

Saturday- Chili Tots Casserole , Corn on the Cob

Sunday- Chicken in Creamy Carrot Sauce (recipe to come), Baked Potato

Monday- Stouffers Lasagna (cause I am to lazy to make lasagna and this is a No preservatives meal), Garlic Toast and Salad

Tuesday- Moroccan Chicken with Couscous and a veggie (recipe to come using up some Pampered Chef Moroccon seasoning I have).

Wednesday- Beef Barley Soup (I have so much steak in my freezer that I am going to chop it up and use it in this yummy soup!)

Thursday- Home Made Bread Twists with Marinara (recipe to come) and  Salad

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