Thursday, December 02, 2010

Home Made Christmas Present #4 (edible)

The Menu:
 Herbal Seasoned Salt

The Original Recipe:
I saw this while browsing around for another way to make a home made gifts for Christmas. I didn't save the recipe, but I made my own and it is as follows... Now, you can adjust to what you think you would like in your seasoned salt. Like I said, I got this as an idea, and I ran with it in my own way as to what I have still alive in my herbal garden outside...

Herbal Seasoned  Salt

24 oz. Kosher Salt
10 sprigs fresh thyme
1 bunch sage (tear the leaves off, and I would say you would have about 1/2 cup uncut)
4 sprigs rosemarry
1 small bunch  parsley(I tore off about a small handfull)

Remove all leaves from stalks. In food processor, add salt, thyme, sage, rosemarry and parsley, blend until incoorperated and herbs are processed as fine as the salt. Place in a large flat container and let air dry overnight (or longer until it's completely dry.). Store in sealed jars until ready to use.

Oh! and a bonus, here are the tags I used to decorate the jars:


Krista said...

Another wonderful gift idea. You are on it, woman! Love this! I've got the ingredients for the turtles and Frango mints on my grocery list. I may just have to gather a few more items....

4*KowBoys said...

Yeah, this smells so good. I cannot wait until we exchange gifts this year. I think this will go over really well. :o)