Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekly Supper Planning

Where have I been, you ask, on my supper planning? Well, let's just say I actually planned for the whole month of February, but I didn't post it. Don't ask me why? I am not really sure, but here is this next weeks plan.

Sunday- Shake and Bake PorkChops with Parmasean and Basil Orzo  and a veggie (probably corn)

Monday- Pesce Italiano  then, I don't think the kids will eat this, so I will grill them some salmon on the side with some flavored noodles and a veggie

Tuesday- Meatloaf (I still need to decide which one!), Mashed Potatoes, and a veggie

Wednesday- Pork Tenderloin (roasted with Mckormick seasoning packet, it is so yummy!), seasoned roasted potatoes and a veggie

Thursday- Leftovers!

Friday- Taco night! Nothing fancy, just a package of taco seasoning for our meat, refried beans and all the fixings! (maybe some taco rice)

Saturday- Chicken Spaghetti


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