Monday, July 21, 2008

Whole Roasted Chicken with Red Potatoes

Oh man, oh man!!! We had the BEST chicken yesterday!! It is sooo flavorful and yummy!

The Menu:
Whole Roasted Chicken with Red Potatoes

The Original Recipe:
I recommend using fresh herbs, but you may substitute with dried if you don't have any...

Whole Roasted Chicken with Red Potatoes

4-5 lb. whole chicken
6 red potatoes
1 tablespoon fresh basil
2 tablespoons butter (I use Smart Balance)
1/2 tsp. dried rosemarry
1/2 tsp. dried thyme
salt and pepper to taste
1/4 tsp. garlic powder (or 1 clove minced)
1/4 tsp. onion powder

Oven preheat 450 degrees
Rinse chicken and place in roasting pan. Cube red potatoes and place around chicken. In separate bowl, combine butter with herbs, spices, and salt and pepper. Place 2 tsp. of butter mix under chicken skin and press to distribute around under skin. Brush top of chicken with additional tsp. of herb/butter mixture. Then dollop the rest around on the potatoes. Bake 2 hours or until internal chicken temp. is 180 degrees.


Anonymous said...

Roast at 450 for the full 2 hours?

4*KowBoys said...

Yes, I usually buy 7lb. chickens and I roast with the lid on and I baste every half hour or so. I check the internal temp. towards then end and then I take the lid off the last 30 minutes and let the skin crisp up. Sometimes I even turn the broiler on for a bit to get it nice and dark. This chicken falls off the bones and the potatoes are delicious in all that juice!!