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    About small details of my cooking. I like to try to make our dishes as healthy as I can. I don't always mention these small details in my recipes. I would like to let you know that I use a lot of lean ground beef in my cooking. When that is not available, I use ground turkey or even turkey hot dogs/sausages/bacon in dishes where pork is called for. I have recently been buying porks that are nitrate free. I use low fat/low sodium/no msg "cream of" soups if I do not make my own. I always use whole wheat or whole grain pastas if they are available. I make my own chicken broth a lot of the times, but when needed, I use canned broth with low sodium/fat content or even a bullion cube (a no msg one) with water. I buy frozen veggies instead of canned to reduce the salt content. I do a lot of my own canning and freezing of veggies in the summer time. I use low-fat cheeses and fat free sour creams. I am sure there are a lot of other little things that I do that I don't give credit to in my posts because they are such a habit for me to do. So, a great majority of our meals are healthier than what they appear but not mentioned when I make it my own way.

Keeping that in mind, Enjoy!