About Me

  Being a mom, I am always cooking and trying out new recipes. I am not a great picture taker, but I believe my pictures show what an average moms cooking looks like. Some of the recipes start out as my own, and most of them come from another source, but all of them become my own, in the end (unless it is my first time making a recipe; I usually make it as per directions...then the fun of changing it begins the second time I make it!). I have this habit of loving to cook, and I just cannot keep my fingers from picking up different ingredients to make it my own recipe. I hope you enjoy watching my dishes "transform" from one original recipe to what my family loves about the way I cook. My dishes have that little something extra special from mom. Some people might call it home-made, but I like to call it mom-made.

Also, you can read a bit about our move. We went from a very cold winter state, to a nice sunny year round place!! http://4kowboys.blogspot.com/2012/05/change-of-menu.html