Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Broccoli My Kids Like

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Broccoli My Kids Like

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I found this on Babycenter's Cooking For Your Family Board. Those ladies just have all the recipes to share. I love talking about food. I found this recipe while looking through someone talking about side dishes. Now, as a side note, I have one son who hates pretty much all vegetables. It takes him hours (yes! hours.) to eat his supper almost every night. I do believe he has texture problems, but he also has a hate relationship with any type of vegetable that isn't corn. My other kids are wonderful about eating. So, this recipe was for everyone, but especially my one boy who doesn't like veggies. Now, you are probably wondering if he like them? He did!! He had 2 spoonfuls. Granted, he did make a face, but with a recipe named "Broccoli My Kids Like" I think he felt that he had to like them. He ate 2 spoonfuls, so I am not complaining!

Broccoli My Kids Like

Sharon -- GatorGrrrl

2 cups cooked, steamed broccoli (or a 10 oz package of frozen chopped broccoli cooked in the microwave)

1/2 stick of butter

2-3 handfuls of seasoned bread crumbs (I used crushed whole wheat Ritz crackers)

salt and pepper to taste (I used Mrs. Dash Table Blend)

Cook broccoli by steaming or in the microwave. Meanwhile heat butter in a medium skillet and heat to sizzling. Toss broccoli in butter and add seasoned bread crumbs. Toss well, season with salt and pepper and serve.

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