Monday, May 02, 2011


The Menu:

  Where I come from, we hunt mushrooms. Yes, we hunt them. We go out in the woods with a shopping bag in hand to place them in, and stoop down low, as to pounce on them as soon as we see them popping up from under the leaves. It is quite an act, I assure you. It takes us hours to  find just a half a bag full anymore. I do believe we might have a compitition in the woods that we choose to hunt in. It's a matter of who gets there first. I love morrels. I have hunted for them ever since I was young, but it wasn't until I was older that I started to clean and fry them up in some butter and garlic, and really enjoy eating them. I cannot believe I missed out on their fabulous taste when I was younger. Or wait, maybe that was the trick. To get the kids to hunt them while the adults enjoyed them? Hmmm.. I will need to think about that one some. At any rate. Here they are. In all their glory... Fresh, and then fried... and then devoured only by me... That's it--that's my payback. I eat them. All of them. *(smile!)

   I do caution you to not hunt for Morrels unless you know exactly what you are looking for. I will not take responsibility if you hunt these and do not find the right ones and then cook them, and eat them and get poisoned. No, no, no, I think you should read up on them, and even take a buddy with you, if you plan to hunt them. Four eyes and two brains are better than what one person has. OR what I really think is that you should do the easy thing and just buy them in the store. This way you are safe.

Here is a link to more about Morrel's:
The Great Morrel also what to look for in The False Morrel

 Fried Morrels

Soak Morrels overnight in heavily salted water. Rinse well, and cut in half. Morrels should be hollow inside clear up into the tops. There is such a thing as a false Morrel, and they are not hollow. You should not eat those, they are poisonus. Ok, so once the morrels are cleaned and sliced. Coat them with some flour. Then in a heated skillet with lot's of butter and a bit of olive oil, along with lots of fresh garlic, add morrels. Fry until brown. They will get soggy. They don't usually crisp up, but they will get browned. Transfer to a plate lined with paper towels to drain off excess oil. Enjoy!! They would taste great mixed in with some thin cooked spaghetti covered with some basil, butter, parmasean cheese and topped with the mushrooms. So, in that case, don't drain the excess, just mix it right in with your noodles.Yum!


MM said...

I've always been interested in mushroom hunting. But I'm clueless so I know it's not a good idea!

Monica said...

I had these for the first time a few months ago. A friend lightly battered them and fried them up in some butter and garlic. They were sooo good!