Monday, July 12, 2010

Strawberry Pizza Dessert and a Visitor

The Menu:
Strawberry Pizza Dessert

The Original Recipe:
My grandmother is visiting from Florida, and she raved about this Strawberry Pizza Dessert. You could of course make it the old fashioned way and do everything with home made ingredients. We opted for all store bought items, and the super fast way! Yum!

First of all, let me introduce you to my grandmother...
Smiley the Clown
Yes, she is a certified clown. She went to clown school. This is her doing her magic tricks for the kids at our Wednesday night church. Gotta love grandma! She is great!
She has also won an award for sewing 50,000 ouch dolls that she distributes to local hospitals for children. Yes, 50,000! and she can sew 7,000 a month. Oh, and did I mention she has Macular Degeneration? She is someone you want to look up to! I want to be like Grandma (or G.G. for Great Grandma as my kids call her) when I grow up.

Onto the dessert!

E-z Strawberry Pizza Pie Recipe #92226 from recipezaar

37 min
25 min prep

SERVES 10 -12

1 package pillsbury refrigerated sugar cookie dough

Cream cheese mixture

1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese

1/2 cup sugar

1/2 teaspoon vanilla

Strawberry topping

1 package strawberry glaze

1 quart fresh strawberries, sliced (or more)

1.Spread cookie dough on bottom of pizza pan.

2.Bake 350 degrees for approximately 10-12 minutes.

3.Beat cream cheese with sugar; add vanilla.

4.Spread cream cheese mixture on top of baked cookie dough.

5.Mix strawberries with strawberry glaze and spread on top of cream cheese filling.



Julie said...

Your dessert turned out just beautiful. My son would love this.

Krista said...

Just like fruit pizza...but with only strawberries...which happen to be my favorite fruit on that fruit pizza anyhow. Good call, grandma! This looks great.

Brooke said...

What a wonderful Grandma you have! That pizza looks fantastic!