Friday, January 23, 2009

Hard Tack Candy

I know this is a little late. It is best to make for the winter holidays... to give as gifts or to share, but here is how we make it.

The Menu:
Hard Tack Candy
The Original Recipe:
My stepmom gave this recipe to me

Hard Tack Candy
1 cup Karo (light corn syrup)
1 cup hot water
3 cups white granulated sugar
1 small glass flavored oil or half of big one
Food coloring optional
2-4 bags powdered sugar
Cookie sheets

While candy boils, pour powdered sugar on cookie sheets, almost full, and flatten out. Use a teaspoon and make 9 rows long ways on cookie sheet.Mix karo, water, and sugar in pan. Cook on stove at med. temp. until candy thermometer reaches 290 (not quite hard crack stage). Add in 1 glass flavored oil and food coloring (as much or little color as you want). If you want more flavor, add in second glass of flavored oil or rest of big one to same pan. When mixed, pour onto rows that were made in the powder sugar. Let cool about 3 min. and then carefully pick up and start cutting with scissors to the desired size. This makes about 3lb.s candy a batch.

More Detailed Instructions:
First of all, when you add the OILs to the mixture, do it AWAY from your face and nose. Especially with the peppermint, cinnamon, the spicier ones. They will BURN like crazy in your eyes, etc.. so be careful! (even with just one jar).

You have to cut it when it is still warm. So, pour it, then wait like 1 or 2 min. and then it will be squishy, but hot, and you need to cut it then.. Then to get it out of the powdered sugar, you sift it in a colander right over the cookie sheet, and you can put it in a bowl until bagged.

Save the powdered sugar in an airtight container until next year, you can use it over and over again!!!

Also, don't use a teflon coated pan. You need one that is just regular and not coated with anything.. use a metal spoon to stir the stuff with, too. and to get it off of the spoon after you pour it, just put some powdered sugar on it and scrape it off with another spoon.
Maybe store in decorative baggies or any type of container with a lid.

Here is a picture with the rows and some poured

Starting to cut before it cools completely

All cut and ready to sift

Sifted and ready to store

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