Monday, August 25, 2008

Italian Beef

Well, when I lived in Illinois they had a sandwhich called, "Italian Beef"
"An Italian beef is a sandwich of thin slices of seasoned roast beef, dripping with meat juices, on a dense, long Italian-style roll, believed to have originated in Chicago, where its history dates back at least to the 1930s The bread itself is often dipped into the gravy, and the sandwich is typically topped off with Chicago-style giardiniera (called "hot") or sauteed, green Italian sweet peppers (called "sweet")."

Out here where I live you CANNOT find Italian Beef. I have a friend who has sent me some from Illinois about 1x a year so far! MMMM! It is GOOD!!

So, shopping, not to long ago, I found some frozen Italian beef. The store since then doesn't carry it, or gets a VERY LIMITED supply, luckily I bought some before they had none left. So, that is what we are having tonight... however, I have a few recipes I found for Italian beef at home. It isn't nearly as good as what you get in Chicago, but it was good... Here is the recipe I put together from those. If you must absolutely have Italian beef, like I do.. this does the trick!

The Menu:
Italian Beef

The Original Recipe:
I looked recipes up online and this is what I put together.

Almost Italian Beef
3lb. beef roast
1 pkg. Italian salad dressing mix
1 pkg. au jus
2 cups water
1 tsp. oregano

6 buns/rolls
provolone cheese

Mix roast, mix, au jus, water and oregano together in crockpot. cook on low for 6-8 hours. pull beef apart. Place on buns add giardiniera and cheese.. pop in microwave to melt cheese.. add some juice to the bread to make it all soggy (the best way!) or place juice in bowl and dip

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