Sunday, July 27, 2008

7/27/08 Slushies!

Everybody LOVES slushies, right!?! I craved these things when I was pregnant. I wish I knew I could make them this easily!!

The Origional Recipe:
I found this recipe on Recipezaar, of course. We had Blue Raspberry.. Oh man, it was sooo good and refreshing!

I don't see why splenda would affect this drink at all... :o)

Pick-Your-Flavor Blender Slushies


2 cups ice water let water sit in ice to get very cold)
1 (1/3 ounce) package fruit flavor unsweetened Kool-Aid powdered drink mix (use a small package unsweetened)
2/3 cup sugar (or use more)
4 cups ice cubes (one full tray of ice cubes)


1Place all the ingredients in a blender (it will be 2/3 to 3/4's full) place the lid on the blender and process the mixture on HIGH for a full 1 minute.
2Stop the blender and mix with a long wooden spoon, look for any unchopped ice cubes, if all the chunks are grated up finely then go ahead and serve.
3You may need to process it for another full minute if there are any unchopped ice cubes.
4Serve IMMEDIATELY with a spoon to start as the mixture will be thick.

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Sarah said...

Yummy!!!! Do you think it would turn out with the same texture using splenda??? We are off of sugar in our house!